What is this blog all about, anyway?

Hello, readers!

This blog may range over a wide variety of topics, and its form and content may shift over time. As of now (May 6, 2015), I intend this to be a place to talk and share about things relating to gender, orientations, and religion. I’ll likely touch on gender identity, gender expression, transgender issues, cisgender issues, sexuality, kink/BDSM, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, polyamory, intersex status, various religions and lack thereof, race, feminism, able-ness, etc. Some of my writing will be academic/educational, some will be sociological, some will be political, and some may even be erotic. I will do my best to mark material as SFW/NSFW and/or for age appropriateness where necessary.

Comments are welcome, though I will delete harmful comments. Some places welcome harsh fighting; this place does not. Be respectful. Try to remember when commenting: is it necessary? is it helpful? is it respectful?

A brief bio of me: I have a Masters degree in Theology, am considering a Masters in sexology. I’m progressive Christian, feminist/womanist (all-inclusive), cisgender/cissexed woman/female, polyamorous, married, pan/bisexual, and white. I seek always to be aware of how I fit into systems of privilege and oppression and to work toward freedom and justice for all. This blog is one attempt to do that work.

I hope you will join me in the process of breaking down barriers to create freedom and justice for all.


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