Post the Fourteenth: In Which I Propose to a Hero

Whimsical Adventures of the Reverend Doctor

Today’s post will be more uplifting, I swear, Gentle Reader. I’m going to tell you about a little day trip I made last summer with an old friend.

I hadn’t been able to see S. for years – there was antique drama with mutual acquaintances, and she had been trapped in an unhappy marriage. Once she broke free (and inspired my etiquette book), we were able to talk a great deal more. We were constantly helping each other with our crazy, joking about the strangest things, and just generally being equally bizarre. I was thrilled to reconnect, even if it was almost exclusively online (we’ve been known to have multiple conversations across a variety of platforms, all at once).

Now, we’re both moderately obsessed with the Bloggess. If you don’t know who she is, go read her blog right now – she’s much funnier than I am. At any…

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