Post the Fifty-Seventh: Identity Issues

Whimsical Adventures of the Reverend Doctor

Identities are complex, Gentle Reader. How do we ever learn who we are, or how to accept who we are? It’s a cultural necessity to wear a mask, and sometimes, we lose track of the face underneath that mask. Personally, having viewed my father’s journey, I’ve always refused to wear one – and have accepted a respectable amount of flak for my non-performance. I often invoke the ghosts of June and Ward Cleaver, Gentlefolk, but we are called to behave like their descendants. Despite selfies and new slang, despite the feminist revolution and the Summer of Love, despite Stonewall and all that came after, we fall into old patterns. And that’s alright – if it’s authentic.

june and ward Pictured: Fiction.

Recently, a local community figure, Little Bear Schwarz, came out again as Cis, and previously she had identified as genderqueer. Ms. Capere and I got into a bit of a conversation about…

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