Lila Perry is a Girl. Deal With It.

CW: I’m discussing the continuing harassment of Lila Perry, a transgender girl in Missouri–my current home state. She has been using the girls’ locker room and bathrooms since school started this year, and many students (many of them female) have walked out in protest. In this post, I am addressing TERF (trans-exclusive radical feminist) comments regarding this issue. I’m putting the rest of this post below a cut so that trans people do not need to read this and be triggered. Cis people, I am a cis person talking to you. Please do read this post.

To be clear: I am a cisgender, white, bisexual woman, married to a white, transgender, lesbian woman. That’s the place from which I speak about these issues.

First post: Problematic Woman (PW) makes several wrong assertions directly off the bat. She claims that changing rooms should be sorted by sex rather than gender, that allowing Lila Perry to use a girls’ locker room “forcing a girl to see a male body naked” and “against feminism,” that Lila Perry should use a separate locker room and “just wants to force her male body on female students,” that “we can’t force trans to change with their sex, but we also can’t force people of the opposite sex to change together,” that there should be a separate trans locker room, that Lila Perry made “the females uncomfortable with her penis.”

  1. How would we sort locker rooms by sex? This is problematic on multiple levels, not least of which is that it inevitably leads to genital inspections of childrenThat is gross and unconscionable–thinking that anyone has the right to ask children (or anyone!) to expose their genitals just to compete in sports or use the bathroom, because of cis or cis-passing privilege. Beyond that, we have both ‘real’ and social constructions of biological sex–which is to say, genitalia exists and chromosomes exist and hormones exist. They are real. But, we have very much decided, as a society, what those things mean as we interact with one another. And, just because we’ve decided those things, that doesn’t mean that those decisions hold true for everyone. We made some categories, but not everyone fits into those categories. And that’s okay. This works exactly the same way as it does for gender, by the way. Only: gender is completely socially constructed. So–no, changing locker room and bathroom sorting to sex instead of gender wouldn’t change anything in this case, and it would probably be only more harmful and problematic to all children down the line, as anyone who didn’t present in line with cis male masculinity or cis female femininity would be forced to show their genitals to people who have no business seeing them in order to verify their ‘fitness’ for a space they have every right to use.
  2. Lila Perry’s body isn’t male. Having a penis does not make a person male. Some people have had their genitals coercively surgically changed because they are born intersex–and many later do not identify with the sex/gender assigned them via the genitals they were given. If this can be true for intersex people, it can also be true for anyone else. It happens to be true for Lila Perry–she is not male. She is female. She just happens to have a penis. While sex and gender are assigned/designated at birth, these things are done without the consent/will of the person whose sex and gender are being assigned/designated–because infants can’t make such designations themselves. Lila Perry has now asserted her identity as female. She is doing exactly what feminism has been fighting for: asserting herself and demanding her rights. Her body belongs to her and is not ours to claim as anything.
  3. While recognizing that the fight for racial rights is different than the fight for transgender rights, I want to point out an important parallel here: the concept of ‘separate but equal’ is never truly equal. Forcing a group of people to be separate marks them as ‘less than.’ We have seen this play out over and over again along racial lines, and cis women have seen this play out as sexist/misogynistic systems have tried to keep us out of the ‘male’ spheres of work and sports and politics and…. The point is, this is wrong. There is no such thing as ‘separate but equal.’
  4. Lila Perry just wants to use the locker room that matches her gender. She has no interest in forcing her FEMALE body on anyone else. That anyone imagines that she would want to says to me that the imaginer (like PW) has a more perverse imagination than anything else. Also, I want to pick apart the phrase “her male body” for a moment. …what? No. Lila Perry is female. Her female body.
  5. You know what, PW? You’re right, we can’t force trans people to change “with their sex”…because there’s no such thing as a trans sex. And this is a Good Thing, that we can’t force all trans people to change in the same locker room. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable my delicate, feminine wife would be changing next to a hulking linebacker of a guy. And yet, that’s what that phrase seems to indicate. You’re also right, PW, that absent unisex changing spaces, we can’t force people of DIFFERING (not opposite, because there are more than two) genders to change together. And that’s not what’s happening here. Lila Perry is female. She’s a girl. Her sex is female, her gender is girl. Changing-wise, when the locker room is gendered, she belongs in the girls’ locker room.
  6. Again, there is no such thing as ‘separate but equal.’ (And again, with the recognition that these struggles–for racial justice and transgender justice–are not the same things.)
  7. If those girls were uncomfortable because of Lila Perry’s penis, they shouldn’t have been looking at it. The fact is, cis people are not in danger of trans people in gendered spaces–but trans people are in danger from cis people in gendered spaces, to the point that there is an I’ll Go With You campaign. I’ll Go With You has buttons cis people can wear so that trans people will know who will be their ‘bathroom buddy’–someone who will go with them into gendered spaces to help them feel safe while they take care of their needs, such as peeing, changing clothes, freshening make-up, washing hands. Cis people don’t need this–but trans people often do. And they need it because of cis people. So. If those girls are so uncomfortable because of Lila Perry’s penis, I suggest a) they don’t look at it, and b) we implement medically accurate, inclusive sexual health curricula in our schools so that everyone will have more comfort with bodies.

A few people replied to PW, trying to talk sense to her, and she then came back with how “SCHOOL children…don’t have stalls,” Lila Perry “has no respect for other students,” “she has a penis” so she either uses the boys’ room or a separate room, and Lila Perry is exposing herself “to FEMALES who don’t want a MALE on their changing room.”

  1. Lila Perry is also a SCHOOL child–and while PW was trying to emphasize that her point has to do with Won’t Someone Think Of The Children rather than a respondent’s talk about her mother’s gym, PW seems to forget that Lila Perry is every bit as much of a child as are these other girls. Whether Lila Perry’s school locker room has stalls or not? I don’t know. Neither does she. None of us do, other than the people who attend/teach/work there. I remember what my locker room was like–and I remember that when changing for gym class, I faced my locker and changed as quickly as I could–there wasn’t a whole lot of time for standing around staring at the other students. I never had gym on a period when I had to shower–I always had it last period–but even if I had, I think that would’ve only served to tighten the time frame and lessen the time in which I could’ve been gawking at other girls’ bodies. And I’m bisexual–one of the tropes that gets thrown at us is that we just can’t help but stare lewdly at everyone around us and pounce on the firstsecondthirdfourth available subjects to sate our ravenous sexual appetites. So I don’t think it really matters whether Lila Perry’s locker room has stalls.
  2. As for Lila Perry’s respect for other students–as I’ve read about her, she actually had been using a unisex faculty bathroom until this year, even though she’s been openly identifying as transgender since February. So, if you ask me, this reads as a planned walk-out–a huge disrespect to Lila and not the other way around. Rather than supporting a girl who is going through a major life transition, rather than upholding someone who is facing enormous criticism and heat, these girls (and their parents who are supporting them and who may have had more to do with this than it appears on the surface) are instead choosing to say that some women aren’t real women, and upholding that very tired cliche. This isn’t about whether Lila Perry respects the other students. Her respect for them isn’t in question and doesn’t need to be questioned. But these other girls, who should be learning the very feminist values of propping one another up, of inclusiveness, of making space for all voices? Their respect for Lila is definitely in question.
  3. Again, yes, Lila Perry has a penis. She is also a girl. Since she is a girl, she uses the girls’ locker room and bathroom. And again, separate is not equal.
  4. Lila Perry isn’t a flasher on the subway. She isn’t walking up to these girls and saying “LOOK AT MY PENIS!” Do you know how I know that? Because I’m married to a transgender woman. And, while my wife does in fact still have her penis (which you didn’t need to know, because it’s none of your business, just like Lila Perry’s is none of your business), she would be intensely embarrassed for someone to notice her penis. And while all trans people aren’t the same–because trans people aren’t a monolith just as black people aren’t a monolith just as bisexual people aren’t a monolith just as women aren’t a monolith–I’m comfortable with saying that Lila probably has enough bodily insecurities around that particular organ that she’s not shoving it in people’s faces and ‘exposing’ herself to them.
  5. As for the FEMALES who don’t want a MALE in their locker room–they don’t have a MALE in their locker room, they have a FEMALE in their locker room.

Conversation continues to this screenshot. PW describes her locker room/shower room, and then launches into more problematic rhetoric. She claims that for Lila Perry to use the girls’ locker room “is for one male to have power over dozens of females, to be allowed to make them feel unsafe, insecure, and scared at one of the most vulnerable parts of their lives, all because that male, didn’t want to use a private room;” then PW2 says Lila Perry “deserves a place to change where she feels safe but so does everyone else” and “It’s not fair that the trans people want to take women’s right instead of have their own;” then PW says again that Lila Perry is not a victim (in response to a respondent), that Lila Perry is forcing herself on other people, and that “the attackers are the ones being forced upon, with nowhere to go to be safe.”

  1. Breezing right over the locker/shower room descriptions–Lila Perry using the girls’ locker room is in no way allowing one male to have power over dozens of females. Again, Lila is female. Therefore, this statement is false on its face. Digging deeper, though, cis people have power over trans people. Cisnormativity and ciscentrism are very real and very harmful. Cis people and cis-passing people can easily take away the rights of trans people, up to and including murdering them and getting away with it in 49 states. This isn’t a male lording power over females. This is a bunch of cis females lording (ladying?) power over another female who occupies a much weaker power position. Rather than making these girls feel unsafe, insecure, and scared, they are likely making Lila feel all of those things–and at a point in her life in which she is much more vulnerable. And again, she’s FEMALE, not male, and separate but equal does not exist.
  2. PW2, let me change that for you: “Everyone deserves a safe place to change.” No but. Lila isn’t endangering these girls with her body. She merely wants to change her clothes, the same as they do.
  3. PW2: First, there is no ‘the’ in front of ‘trans people’. There’s no Island of Trans People, like The Americans or The Japanese. Trans people are not a monolith, and are not doing a thing as a group. Second, trans people aren’t taking women’s rights. Giving trans people access to gendered spaces takes away from no one’s rights. Asserting that trans women gaining access to women’s spaces is somehow taking away from women’s rights is an exercise in transmisogyny. Just stop it. Trans people no more want to harm women than they want to have their peeing interrupted by strangers checking their genitals to see if they match the sign on the door. And “have their own”? I assume you’re going back to the separate but equal thing…which DOESN’T EXIST. (Do I sound like a broken record yet?)
  4. Back to PW: I don’t know if Lila Perry identifies herself as a victim or as a survivor or in some other way. That’s a pretty personal identification, I think. I say that as a rape survivor. She gets to make that distinction. But if you’re going to be pitting her against these other girls–she’s the one without power, and they’re the ones with power. In terms of power imbalance and systemic values, Lila Perry has little to no power and the girls who walked out have all of the systemic power of cisnormativity backing them. When you say that these girls are ‘attacked’ and have ‘nowhere to go,’ you show that what you’re really afraid of is how Lila Perry–and all trans people–shakes up and breaks down the system just by existing. And you know what? That’s exactly what feminism is supposed to do: break down the barriers that harm us all, break down the systems that harm us all. In that respect, Lila’s very life is incredibly powerful.

Onto the next screenshot. PW decides to tell us that “this isn’t about gender. this is about sex. please for the love of god learn the difference;” she then proceeds into the “no males in the female locker room” and separate but equal defenses, and then says Lila Perry’s “ONLY intent, was victimizating the females, or else she would have used the room provided to her.”

  1. PW, you’re right that sex and gender are different things. Of course, this is about gender, since Lila Perry is transgender (look, its right there in the word, gender, all nice and spelled out). You’ve very clearly and helpfully told us multiple times that Lila Perry has a penis, even though this is no one’s business but Lila’s, her doctors’, and anyone to whom she wishes to disclose. And we are discussing–again as you’ve so helpfully pointed out–gendered spaces, not sexed spaces (and now I’m wondered how spaces could be sexed, since spaces lack chromosomes, sex organs, hormones…). For anyone who might be confused about sex, gender, and any other axis of identity that usually gets conflated along these lines, here’s a handy graphic. PW, perhaps it would help to look at it. Or maybe you’d prefer the one made by a cis man, after stealing much of the work from trans individuals. Either way, I–and the people you were talking with–know the difference. I think you should refresh.
  2. Again, Lila Perry is female, so there wasn’t a male in the female locker room. And again, separate is not equal.
  3. Lila Perry had zero intent of ‘vitimizating’ (I assume you mean ‘victimizing’–I don’t know if you were embiggening the word to try to make it more threatening or more sarcastic, or what) ‘the females’. A) She herself is female. And while some women do harm other women, you make her sound like some kind of cyborg here. B) She intended to get changed for gym class, just like her classmates. C) She knows as well as you do and I do and everyone else does that separate does not mean equal. D) As another commenter pointed out, rape happens because of rapists. Being transgender does not make one a rapist anymore than being female makes one hysterical.

And onto the next screenshot. PW says that the only reason this wouldn’t be about sex “is because you are fully aware how wrong it is for a male to force their body on an unwilling female,” then says that talking about gender is only “to make the females look stupid for not wanting a girl in the “girls” room,” then goes on the separate but equal and MALE in female room sprees; and then she defends herself to a commenter by saying she’s gender fluid and that “people come in all shapes and sizes.”

  1. PW, you’re right that it’s wrong for a male to force his body on an unwilling female. It’s wrong for anyone to force their body on anyone else’s unwilling body. However, a) Lila Perry is FEMALE and b) she’s not forcing her body on anyone. She’s walking into a room marked with her gender, changing, and walking out of it–the same as the other girls are doing. So unless all the cisgender girls are forcing their bodies on each other by doing the exact same thing, your argument falls flat on its face. (Also, it’s really insulting to survivors of rape to insist that it is always cis-male-on-cis-female, as that is silencing to so many survivors, so could you cut out that rhetoric now?)
  2. It does make the girls look pretty foolish for protesting having a girl in their locker room, doesn’t it? It also makes you look pretty foolish for having this conversation. We’re all foolish sometimes. Own up to it, step back, and make some changes. These girls should, too. But talking about gender isn’t only to make you (and them) realize the foolishness of your words and actions. It’s also to address the actual issue at hand, which is Lila Perry’s access to gendered spaces that match her gender.
  3. Once again, separate but equal doesn’t exist, and Lila Perry is FEMALE.
  4. If you truly believe people come in all shapes and sizes, PW, then how can you expend so much energy protesting on such rigid sex and gender lines? If you yourself are gender fluid, how can you cling so tightly to these tight roles? Is it, perhaps, that you gain enormous privilege–and can do so whenever you like–when you choose to pass as cisgender?

After that, another fantastic commenter makes some excellent points–about what if a cis girl rapes a cis girl, should that mean cis girls are disallowed around that cis girl? And then that commenter points out how closely PW’s comments align with transphobic conservative views, and points out that we really are talking about gendered spaces, not sexed spaces.

And so, on the next screenshot, PW claims that “once clothes are off, gender isn’t relevant”; asks why not let everyone change together if a male is let into the female room; asks why bother with separation; plays up on safety and security fears; calls this a “new trans supremacy world”; and says “there nothing transphobic about SEX…trans is a GENDER issue ONLY.” Then PM (problematic male) makes a transphobic ‘joke’ about how he’d like to be a male in the female room because of ‘anxiety.’

  1. Gender expression might have something to do with clothing, but gender identity doesn’t. Refer back to those handy-dandy graphics I linked earlier. These are two different things. Yes, they both have ‘gender’ in them, so they both fall under the heading of ‘gender,’ but they are actually different–much like how ‘punctuation’ includes both ‘semicolon’s and ‘periods.’ The thing is, gender does matter even when clothes are off. I still have a gender identity even when I’m stark naked. So do you, unless you’re agender–and that still has nothing to do with clothing.
  2. We’re not ‘letting a male’ into a female room. Lila Perry is female.
  3. I’m pretty sure bemoaning a ‘lack of separation’ is derailing, because there’s no lack of separation happening here. Lila Perry is female, and she is using the girls’ locker room. It would be weirder if she were in the boys’ locker room, just like it would be weird for a big beefy guy (like a trans man, perhaps) to change in the girls’ locker room.
  4. Lila Perry isn’t endangering these girls. She may be in danger, however, and I’ve gone over why.
  5. New trans supremacy world? Are you kidding me? I’ve already quoted the trans panic defense, the I’ll Go With You campaign, and you’re fighting with us over a teen girl’s right to get dressed. Seriously? That’s not trans supremacy. That’s cis supremacy. I’ve addressed more of this elsewhere, if you want to look.
  6. It is absolutely transphobic to think and assert that to be transgender, one must have genital reconstruction surgery. A) Others’ genitals aren’t your business. B) Not all trans people want genital reconstruction surgery (or trach shaves, or top surgery, or hormones, or….). C) Not all trans people who want surgery/ies can afford it/them, and too many insurances plans won’t cover them because they’re seen as ‘cosmetic’ even when they’re life-saving. D) Other people’s medical decisions aren’t your business. E) Not all trans people even experienc gender dysphoria. F) This line of thought is known as truscum/transmedicalist/transfundamentalist.
  7. I thought you said earlier that this had nothing to do with gender? And now you want to talk about how transgender has to do with gender? You’re confusing me, PW.
  8. Making jokes at trans people’s expense is transphobic, period. It’s especially creepy and gross if you’re a cis het dude doing so. Stop.

At this point, an awesome commenter tells PW to check her privilege and to stop, and another points out how separate but equal didn’t work.

Onward to the next screenshot. PW then tells the “but separate but equal didn’t work” commenter that “there’s a huge difference between skin color and sex. skin color, we’re all the same, just in varying degrees of color. sex, we are not all the same, we have entirely different genitalia.” Then PW asks if a commenter would force their daughter to change in front of a male and “have her exposed to by that male;” and wants to know “where will it end? all males and females change together? of all ages? in front of teachers?” When Awesome Commenter 1 (AC1) tells her again to stop, PW claims she’s not anti-trans but that she’s “anti forcing teenage females to change in front of a male,” and demands to know “how is it wrong to defend females who don’t want a male body forced on them,” and claims “because she is trans” is not a logical reason, and claims that these girls feel unsafe and violated. Then AC2 asks about what if one of the cis girls is lesbian–should she be forced to change with the boys, and reinforces that Lila Perry is female.

  1. Oh my dear sweet stars and garters. Yes, PW, there is a huge difference between skin color and sex. And yet, the way you chose to parse it out doesn’t work. Because–well, you’re right that we all come in different shades, and if you lined us up according to hue, you could probably go from darkest to lightest without much of a break. But you know what? You could kind of do the same thing for genitalia, because INTERSEX PEOPLE EXIST. Shocking, I know. Also shocking: not all of them have genital surgery–not that it’s any of your business what their genitals look like. So…no, we don’t all have ‘entirely different genitalia.’ Or…we do, but not in the way you think we do. My vulva does not look like your vulva, and my wife’s penis does not look like my boyfriend’s. Also–we all happen to be born with skin colors and with genitalia. So…the way that these two things are different isn’t the way you think they are different, I think. Rather, they are different in that the struggles accorded to them are different.
  2. You’re derailing by asking if someone would force their daughter to strip in front of a guy. Also: what kind of sick, perverted imagination do you have? Or, what have you been through in your life that makes you think this is what any parent does to any child? Here, I find myself wanting to offer you…help…but I fear it would be taken as snarky instead of as genuine, and perhaps it’s unneeded. But if it is needed…find me, and perhaps we can find a resource for you to work through something together.
  3. Where did ages and teachers come into this? I think it will ‘all end’ when trans people are afforded access to gendered spaces the same as cis people are. And questions like these–again, the make me think you’re speaking a larger fear of how trans people shake the boundaries you want to cling to so tightly. I know it’s comforting to think that cis is the null hypothesis, but it’s not really true. It’s okay to let go of those tightly-held notions of gender and sex, to allow for understandings of trans women as women to enter your mind and take root there. I promise it won’t do much but bring the systems of patriarchy and kyriarchy that much closer to ending. And that’s the point of feminism, right?
  4. Again, Lila Perry isn’t male, she’s female. So, be against forcing people to change in front of other people all you like. People shouldn’t be nonconsensually forced to change in front of other people–male in front of female, female in front of male, female in front of female, male in front of male, etc. I’m on board with not forcing people to change in front of other people. But I’m not on board with you calling Lila Perry male, because Lila Perry is female. Here’s a thought: if all those girls are offended at the thought of changing in front of another girl, why not give each of them another room in which to change? (I’ll wait for the ‘separate but not equal’ cries, or the ‘but that’s not practical’ rebuttals.)
  5. It’s not wrong to defend females who don’t want a male body forced on them. But that’s not what’s happening here. Lila Perry is female. Her body is female. She is not forcing her body upon anyone else. She’s using a room for its intended purpose. Again, if that’s forcing a body upon someone else, then all those cis girls have been forcing their bodies upon one another this entire time. It is no more okay for a girl to force her body on a girl than it is for a boy to force is body on a girl, and so if your case is that using a locker room for its intended purpose means that people in it are forcing their bodies upon one another, then we should abolish locker rooms altogether, rather than throwing out Lila Perry from the gendered space that matches her gender.
  6. The argument is that she is female. The trans part is almost beside the point.
  7. Again, these girls aren’t in danger from Lila, and Lila hasn’t violated them. I’ll refer you above. My fingers are starting to hurt, and there are two more screenshots to go.

Onto the next screenshot. PW3 grossly misunderstands AC2’s point; PW claims “lesbians have the same parts, huge difference” and re-touts “the individual is MALE” and claims that “gender is subjective, sex is NOT.” AC1 links a great article and tells PW to get an education, to which PW belittles AC1, then claims that the linked article is an opinion (because opinion pieces can’t be educational); apologizes that Lila Perry has a “PENIS”; uses the “life is hard for all of us” line; then changes her standard line (slightly) to “FORCING teenage FEMALES to change in front of, and be changed in front of someone with a PENIS is wrong,” then wants to be angry that she had to use anatomical terms, then claims that “the problem in this situation [is] that [it] involves NAKED teenage FEMALES.”

  1. AC2’s question wasn’t to say that lesbians should change with the boys–but to point out that that’s one natural conclusion of PW’s claims.
  2. PW, I have news for you: not all lesbians have vulvas. Some lesbians are intersex people. Some lesbians have penises–like…my wife. DUN DUN DUN! So, no, not all lesbians have the same ‘parts.’ So there’s not really a ‘huge difference’ here–because you want to claim on the one hand that a girl with a penis is somehow going to ravage all these poor innocent cis-girls, but a bi- or lesbian girl (whether she has a penis or not)…wouldn’t? You don’t know what Lila Perry’s sexuality is, but you’ve spent an awful lot of time deciding it for her. She may be straight (which would mean she’s attracted to boys) or bi or pan or lesbian or asexual or demisexual or graysexual. You don’t know that. And it doesn’t really matter…except that you keep trying to make it matter. You keep trying to make her out to be some kind of sex-crazed maniac, which is a) transphobic  and b) not really helpful if you want to tear down the patriarchy. I realize you’re hyped up about cis-male-on-cis-female crime, but insisting that this is the only paradigm is silencing to many victims/survivors/perpetrators (some of whom do speak up later) and doesn’t allow for calling in those who have enormous privilege and may be able to be reached if we don’t insist that ‘when they rape someone, this will happen’ (as my wife’s health class did in college to all the men in attendance).
  3. Belittling a trans person who’s taking the time and emotional energy to talk to you about your problematic comments makes you look more transpobic, not less.
  4. If opinion pieces can’t be educational, I’d like you, PW, to inform every newspaper and every teacher. While you’re at it, you may want to take away every diploma and academic achievement that’s based on any kind of written research, particularly in the humanities, as nearly all of that is opinion. I say that as a theologian with a Master of Theological Studies. Furthermore, if you’re going to be dismissive of that person’s opinion, then why should we take your opinion?
  5. I don’t think Lila Perry needs your apology that she has a penis. She may even like her penis.
  6. Life is hard for almost all of us. You’re right about that, PW. But that doesn’t give you the right to shit all over a teenage girl who is trying to use a locker room for its intended purpose, nor to belittle a trans person who attempts to engage with you. This is faux-compassion, and it has no place here. If you want to show real compassion, have several seats while you learn about trans issues and the very real dangers trans people face every day.
  7. No one is forcing anyone to change in front of anyone. It is standard procedure in this country for students–regardless of their genitalia–to change in a locker room for gym class and sports. You did it. I did it. Lila is doing so in the gendered space that matches her gender–just like you did, just like I did, just like those girls have done, etc. Her penis has nothing to do with it. It’s just there, like her finger, or that girl’s eye, or that girl’s left butt cheek.
  8. You said penis, but not vulva. I’m not sure why you’re so upset that you were called on these things, other than that perhaps you’re realizing the futility of your arguments at this point.
  9. I only got NAKED in gym class for swimming, when I had to put on my bathing suit. The rest of the time, I only changed shirts and shorts–I kept on underclothing. Though I didn’t spend a lot of time looking around, I assume other girls did much the same. Given the time constraints I’ve mentioned above, I’m comfortable going out on a limb here to say that’s probably the case in Lila’s school, too. (Also, you spend a lot of time thinking about how naked these school girls must be. Again, I think your imagination goes to more perverse places than mine.)

Finally, the last screenshot. It’s short, too. Having run out of arguments (I guess) about Lila Perry, PW takes a jab at the author of the article AC1 linked–because the author happens to be trans. PW writes, “oh also, next time link me to an article that WASN’T written by a MALE.”

  1. The author is female.
  2. Hi, I’m a cis woman. Can I help you?

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